Volumetric Weight


Volumetric weight is used when determining the weight of the shipments we send. We understand that not everyone understands volumetric weight so we are going to breakdown the details so we can make it as simple as possible for you. 

The cost of sending a shipment can be affected by the amount of space it takes up in an aircraft, rather then the actual weight. This is called the volumetric or dimensional weight. The volumetric weight is calculated and compared to the actual weight of your shipment to determine which is greater, the higher weight is used to determine the actual shipping cost. 


Volumetric or dimensional weight is calculated by multiplying the length x height x width of a package and then dividing the results by the volumetric factor. The factor varies with the unit measure. Please see the image below which will show both kilograms and lbs. Please click here to learn more about volumetric or dimensional weight. 

Please note that the shipping weight indicated on your merchant order confirmation may be based on ground shipping or domestic air shipping from the merchant to our location. Depending on the carrier and size of the package, the merchant’s ground shipping charges may or may not utilize volumetric weight calculation. 

If the carrier used by the Merchant does use volumetric weight calculation for ground or for domestic air, the volumetric weight calculation will use a different volumetric factor and the volumetric weight will be lower than that used for international air shipments.

We hope this helps to make volumetric weight a little bit easier to understand. If you have any questions please contact us at anytime.