Are you shipping boxes? offers international shipping rates and services to anyone shipping boxes internationally. If you’re shipping boxes overseas via ocean or air freight, can help. Take a look below at some reasons why you should use

Shipping Boxes?

Shipping Boxes Overseas?

1. Shop any U.S. website using your new U.S. address. 

2. Purchase your favorite brands directly from the U.S. Most brands and stores sell their products to the U.S. market only.

3. Take advantage of prices and deals in the United States. 

4. Save up 60%-80% on international shipping.

5. Consolidate your purchases and save money.

6. offers rewards points that can be used toward free shipping. 

7. Use the software to manage your account and get up to date alerts. 

8. Use our personal shopper service if a brand does not accept your payment. 


Package forwarding services have become very popular in modern living for multiple reasons. It brings convenience to many people internationally that want to purchase products in the United States. There are still many people that aren’t aware that package forwarding exists and what they would need to do to obtain these services. Mail and package forwarding is very popular amongst U.S. expats who want to receive magazines, catalogues, mail and products in the United States. offers economical international shipping solution. It’s pretty simple. We ship in volume and get very good discounts with all major carriers such as DHL, FedEx, T&T and USPS. We’re able to pass on the savings to our customers. Unlike any other international mail forwarding company we offer customized logistics, so if you want to purchase a larger item like a couch or dining room table from the U.S. we offer an ocean freight consolidation service which will help cut shipping costs in half. has a network of over 3000 international agents which enables us to get any product to your front door. We also offer a white glove service which include in home delivery and assemble. also offer reward points. For every 10 shipments you do with we will reward you with a $50 credit that can be used toward future shipment. Once you log into your account you can keep track of all the shipments you’ve done with and easily apply your credit at anytime.

If you’re a business owner and looking to expand abroad, international mail & package forwarding may be a great option for you. You would require an address where you can receive mail and packages. offers supply chain solutions. We also offer our business accounts with a personal account manager who will assist with the entire process, even negotiating better rates on your behalf.
40% of current internet companies turn away international orders because they don’t have processes and systems in place to fulfill orders. Companies that do accept international orders face major challenges in delivering products globally. The main challenges are global shipping, duties & tariffs, product restrictions, currency restrictions, returns and chargeback’s. Another challenge in international ecommerce is developing websites without communication barriers.

Here at we understand the complexities that go behind ecommerce and international shipping. We have years experience in logistics and a large network of international agent. Please feel free to shop the U.S. with ease. We will take care of the rest.


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