How it works:

It’s simple! Everytime you ship a package with we will give you cash back. No company on the planet offers that! 
The amount of cash you get is based on the shipping cost. 

Example: Your shipping cost through is $50, you will get $3 cash back. We send the cash to you via PayPal or check every quarter (3 months) automatically, sort of like ebates. We will also update your account every time you do a shipment so you can see how much cash you’ve earned. You will get cash back on every single shipment, so if you do 20 shipments of this same value you will get $60 cash back. 



Other Ways to earn:

Refer a friend and earn. We will give you $10 for every person that you refer to and uses the service. Like our facebook page and share. Get 10 friends to like our facebook page and earn $10.


Terms & Conditions: agrees to give cash back based on the chart provided above. We will automatically update your account so you can see how much money you’ve earned. We will transfer funds to you quarterly (every 3 months) via PayPal or check. If you do not redeem your funds and provide us with the proper payment information we will not be help liable. Cash back is provided per shipment. If you are having us consolidate 5 packages into 1 we will only give you cash back on the 1 shipment, not all 5 since they were consolidated. If you have any questions regarding our reward program please feel free to contact us at anytime. Contact