International Mail Forwarding FAQs

When can I start using the service?
Where do I put my U.S. address when making a purchase from a U.S. retailer?
Can my friend and family use my account?
Is there any contracts or obligations?
Will you give me a P.O Box or physical address?
How long do your shipments take to reach me?
Is there a sign up fee or contract?
Why are your shipping costs so cheap?
Can I cancel?
How do you bill on a free account?
How does this work:
Is there a sign up fee or contract?
What are the benefits of monthly membership?
Can I use my account to make purchases from U.S. companies that won’t ship to a P.O. Box?
After signing up for an account how soon can I begin to use the services?
What will my address look like? Is it a mailbox or P.O. box?
Do you offer mail forwarding services worldwide?
How do I manage my account for activity?
Can I cancel?
Why are your shipping costs so cheap?
Is there anything that you can’t ship?
Can you ship large items like furniture?
How do you handle prohibited items?
Are there size restrictions on what can be shipped?
Can I track my shipment?
How common are delayed shipments?
How long do your shipments take to reach me?
Can I ship a TV?
Do you add fuel surcharges to your rates?
What if my item gets damaged in transit?
How do I get insurance?
How much does insurance cost?
What does insurance cover?
How can I protect my items from damage?
How do I file a claim?
How long do I have to place a claim?
What if I don’t agree with the carrier’s decision on my insurance claim?
Can I cancel insurance on my order once it’s been purchased?
If I file a successful claim how will I get refunded?
How do you bill?
Do you have any hidden charges?
What payments do you accept?
How does the transaction show up on my credit card statement?
What if I can't find the transaction on my credit card statement?
What if I don't receive a credit card statement?
Why was my credit card rejected?
What if I don’t have a credit card?
Is my payment information safe with
How many day free storage will I get before I’m charged?
What happened when my shipment arrives at your warehouse?
Can you hold my first shipment while I continue shopping?
Will you abandon my goods if you don’t hear from me?



International Mail Forwading Service - International Mail Forwarding Service Frequently Asked Questions. Still confused about package forwarding? Read why you need a US address today.