Package Consolidation Services

Here are some benefits of consolidating packages. is dedicated to helping you when purchasing products from the United States. We offer consolidation service by both ocean and air freight services worldwide.

You may be asking yourself how consolidation works and whether or not it makes sense to consolidate your packages. Consolidation is the process of combining all of your orders into 1 tracking number so that all of your packages will be delivered together, but in their original packages. Let’s say you want to purchase an Ipad from Amazon, an Iphone from eBay and a pair of shoes from Zappos. will place the original boxes together into 1 box so you will receive all of your packages at the same time and save money on shipping

Package Consolidation Services

Package Consolidation Services

costs. Please note: consolidation does not include re-packing multiple packages unless requested.

More benefits:

Due to the cost of handling with Express Services (which includes pick up, customs clearance and delivery), the first half kilo is typically the most costly for international shipping. When packages are shipped separately, each package will receive a minimum charge for the first half kilo. offer consolidation services for both air and ocean transportation. If you’re shipping larger packages and don’t mind the wait of a 30 day transit time, ocean freight consolidation service would be a good option. If you’re shipping smaller parcels it’s recommended that we ship through one of our partners like DHL or FedEX. 

Here is why consolidation service is significantly less expensive then shipping packages separately

In the following example, 4 packages are shipped as individual shipments to the same address. Each package weights 1 kg. 

Package 1 = $22.50 1 kg 
Package 2 = $22.50 1 kg
Package 3 = $22.50 1 kg 
Package 4 = $22.50 1 kg

Total shipping cost: $90.00 4 kgs

When your shipments are consolidated all of your packages are shipped together on one AWB (air way bill) to the same destination. The shipments minimum (which is the first half kilo) is calculated with the first package which eliminates the minimum charge for each individual package. 

When the first 4 packages are shipped through consolidation there will be a significant savings as shown in the example below. 

Package 1 = $22.50 1 kg
Package 2 = $5.50   1 kg
Package 3 = $5.50   1 kg
Package 4 = $5.50   1 kg

Total shipping cost: $39.00 4 kgs

Shipped separately: $90.00
Consolidated: $39.00
Savings: $51.00

As you can see there are many benefits when consolidating your packages. You receive all of your packages at the same time as well as save a significant amount of money on shipping costs. If you have any questions regarding our consolidation service please feel free to contact us at anytime. 

Please note, offers package consolidation service by ocean and air transportation. If you’re shipping in bulk or large items please contact our office for a customized quote.